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  • Online application system
  • Application short listing
  • Quick & detailed Admission

Admission Process Management

This module is designed and implemented to assist the school admissions office for managing the whole admission process. This sophisticated and user friendly student admission module keeps all the details of students at fingertips, which include personal details, marks, earlier academic records, student status, interview details, correspondence, financial arrangements and many more. Short listing of students is done automatically by the system by maintaining certain threshold eligibility criteria. The selected candidates then receive e-alerts sent from the system, which also assigns roll no, ID cards & access cards.

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Students Management System

Student Management System is designed to help collages for management of student. Extensive information is available at your fingertips through this System. Viewing student data, managing admission quota, board, semester, faculty, category and for examination, subject management , scheduling exam, result and related issues are made simple and easy. There are custom search capabilities to aid in finding student information and working on student records. This can make the system easier to navigate and to use maximizing the effectiveness of time and other resources. SMS allows the keeping of personnel data in a form that can be easily accessed and analyzed in a consistent way.

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  • Salary setting
  • Allowance and deduction (CCA, PF, HRA etc.)
  • customized report for management purpose
  • Generates salary certificates, salary slip etc.

Staff Management System

The salary calculation & payment of teaching/non-teaching staff can be done by this system. Details of salary split up, salary deduction, overtime, allowances, bonus, loss of pay, tax calculations etc can be maintained. Salary certificates, salary slip & other related statements can also be produced.

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  • Student Attendance,Staff Attendance
  • Staff leave application & Approval
  • Staff day end process
  • Daily attendance & monthly attendance can be maintained, tallied.

Attendance Management System

The attendance management system effortlessly tracks school attendance data of students and the staff. It is specifically designed keeping in mind, the requirements of public and private schools with large student strength. Daily attendance & monthly attendance can be maintained, tallied; percentage calculation will be automatically done by the system. All required reports - classwise/studentwise/monthwise etc with reference to attendance can be generated. There is also an option of custom designing the system as per the needs of the clients. It can be interfaced with smart cards/ bar codes / finger print based biometric methods etc.

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  • Exam linked with internals
  • Mark Entry base subject / class/ student
  • Performance report of Student

Examination/result Management

This Examination/result Managementcontains the entire examination system starting from strategy formulation, hall ticket generation, question paper preparation, exam conduction, result declaration, marks management, viva-voice/lab exam evaluation, score analysis, ranking, certificate generation and many more.

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  • Fee collection system summary/detail receipt
  • Assigning School, Class, Division, Student wise fee.
  • Deduction/Concession setting for group/individual.
  • Advance fee remittance scheme.

Fees Management System

Student fees management software saves the time of school staff consumed in invoicing, data entry & financial record keeping. This module tracks the details of past, future and current fee receipts. The data can be then linked to the main accounting software used in the school. Tracing of missing /problematic bills is easy since the soft copies of the same are maintained in the system. It is also helpful for features like penal fee/outstanding due details, deduction/concession, refundable fees, advance payment, credit card payment, online payment etc.

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  • Member management
  • library member card issue
  • Book issue, return, renewal
  • Search books/member in all level

Library Management System

Library is a perfect virtual school library, very easily accessible and handy to the staff & students. List of available books is displayed online .Alerts can be sent to users on due date, fine, submission delay/damaged/missing book report. This module also automates all the activities in a library including membership, storage, member details, list of available books, issues, returns, and other information associated with the library. It offers extensive analysis and reporting facilities. It provides online reservation and can file, record or search all kinds of media including books, magazines, newspapers, records, software, audio and video albums. It helps to administrate the library perfectly and efficiently.

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  • Daybook, Cash book, bank book
  • Journal,Ledger
  • Balance sheet, projected balance sheet
  • Financial year handling

Accounts Management

This Accounts Management system streamlines the financial operations of an educational organization since it is built on a common centralized database & there is no duplicate entry of billing information. e-accountant is linked with all financial aspects in an educational Institution. It gathers financial data from various functional departments, and generates/records valuable financial reports such balance sheet, general ledger, trail balance, cash flow, inventory control, accounts payable/receivable, profit & loss, quarterly/yearly financial statements, trial balance statement etc

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  • Member managementScheduling & preparation of class timetables
  • Track faculties’ schedule, availability of classrooms.
  • Class wise period analysis
  • Combined subject;Combined class

Time table Management

It helps to make optimum use of available resources within a limited time period. All regular activities (classes) can be scheduled using this module. The software keeps a precise track of the faculties’ schedule, the available classrooms, class wise timetable etc.This reduces time wastage, makes the best use of resources & inventory available, leverages the efficiency & hence the quality & reputation of the institute.

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  • Exclusive job site for institution
  • Easy integration with existing website.
  • Unlimited resume upload with customized fields
  • Helps in interview preparation & personality development.

Placement cell

It is an advanced, flexible and functional module which assists in student recruitment and simplifies the same. It allows the existing & passed out students to upload their resume into its huge database, which can be periodically updated by an authorized person. It also provides resume writing formats & tips, along with tools that help in interview preparation & personality development. Employers looking for talent can browse through the database and shortlist the ones who are eligible by their criteria. Apart from this they can also post the job openings and give reference to other prospective employers. This module help improve the visibility & exposure of a job candidate from that institution. Hence, it accelerates the conversion rate of prospective aspiring students into successful employees.

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  • Drag & drop ease of operation.
  • Stores every tye of file pertaining to staff/student
  • Include teacher certifications.awards as PDF documents
  • Documents follow student/teacher throughout campus years.

File Management System

Since the e-Campus software is an integrated one, it essentially has a centralized master database, controlled by the system administrator. This module is built on a software platform which can handle large volumes of data by multiple users at the same time. This helps in simultaneous access and concurrent updation of data Hence Software will support fast access by any number of users on different modules of the software simultaneously. User rights can be given by the e-file manager for every single item on the menu based on the need so that the access is restricted to each application & information. This will ensure data integrity & very high security levels for software access. It is the hub from which all the other applications operate and is the central module of the e-Campus Suite system. It provides an interface that is easy to understand, highly adaptable and user-friendly.

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  • Registration, payment, event related correspondence, travel arrangements etc are done
  • Sets up event calendar
  • Individual/group/class wise performance
  • Sends event e-alerts to participants/organisers

News and Event Management System

News and Event Management System is a smart, easy to use, hassle free tool for successful event management, since the process is automated, and there is only a minimum human involvement. The schedule, type, theme, venue are all selected & fixed by the software by the choice & convenience of the client. All activities involved including registration, payment, event related correspondence, travel arrangements etc are done with the help of e-event manager. Printing of brochures, invitations, passes, volunteer badges etc are included.

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Hostel Management System

This module is a hostel management software to efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the institute. Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel module keeps the all updated records of students, their meal, lodging and other facilities. The hostel segment provides online status of room availability and allocations. Students get information on rent structures, health, and personal care. Reports on attendance/leave, disciplinary action, hostel fee receipts etc can be generated and e-alerts sent to parents/guardians.

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  • Assists transportation planning, route planning, route management
  • Fare setting / collection / report
  • School Bus schedule, Vehicle management, Vehicle allocation

Transport Management Systems

It assists the users for Transportation Planning, Procurement & Management; Route Planning etc. It is extremely user friendly and makes the process of assigning & maintaining the buses and other vehicles easier. This module keeps the records of transferring or interchanging of bus routes, list of students using conveyance, list of students traveling in a specific route name-wise or class wise, transportation fee calculation-bus wise/route wise/class wise/individually/ collectively. Also, maintain parking permit numbers for staff and students. By using this planning tool, group travel can be optimized, utilizing minimum resources, transportation costs can be reduced, time consumption can be minimized and better services can be rendered.

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